Taking advantage of a remote-first sales world

With astonishing speed, sales departments have embraced remote working, video calling, and digital selling. But a successful pivot to a remote-first sales ecosystem requires more than just new communication tools. Forward-thinking leaders are reimagining best practices for building genuine relationships with customers. 

In an era without face-to-face interactions, how can companies demonstrate empathy for the rapidly changing needs of their customers? And how can leaders empower their sales teams to navigate uncertainty on the way to reaching their goals?

Event Speakers

Peter Kazanjy

Co-founder of Atrium HQ and Founder of Modern Sales Pros (MSP)

Daniella Bellaire

Head of Sales, North America at Shopify Retail

Bocar Dia

Founder & CEO of Proxy AI

Kyle Coleman

VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement at Clari

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Event Details

June 22, 2020
7:00 - 9:00 PM EDT
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